• An Overview of Community Groups

    From the very beginning, God has affirmed the truth that it is not good to be alone: from marriage to plural eldership and living life in community instead of isolation. We believe community is essential to God's nature: we are made in God's image and created to live in community with others - not only that - but we believe living in community is one of the main ways God encourages and makes us grow. That's why groups are an important part of Arise Church, and we desire for community groups to be one of the central hubs of our ministry.

  • What is a Community Group?

    A Community Group is our version of small groups. This is where home fellowship is done with around 8 to 12 people who meet on a weekly basis to share, study, and support one another.

  • What do Community Groups do?

    As previously stated, our Community Groups are what we desire to be the central part of our ministry. So, they are the place where we begin to see life grow and happen. Each Community Group will be living out three different rhythms based on their size and life stage.

    Life in Community – Our Community groups gather weekly to study and discuss the previous sermon. If they feel led, groups may dive into other Books of the Bible. There may be weeks where just breaking bread together is what is needed. This is a time for us to connect with each other, relationally, at someone’s home where the setting is a little more relaxed, giving us a better chance to know one another.

    Life on Mission – Our Community groups gather together as a group for a time to hang out and intentionally interact with those in their lives who know Jesus. We do this by purposefully inviting those to our weekly group to spend time with each other and also those who do not know Jesus.

    Life on Life – Our Community groups gather together in smaller groups also, 2-3 of the same gender. The intention of this is to grow deeper in our relationship with God and a few others. DNA groups, which stands for Discover-Nurture-Act, are a time where smaller groups discuss what God is teaching them, confess and repent with one another, and pray for each other.

  • How Important Are Community Groups?

    We desire Community Groups to be the central part of our ministry. They're the place where the main ministry of the church takes place as we study God's Word while supporting and sharing our lives with one another. We believe that meeting together on a regular basis is time well spent.

  • Community Group Details

    Where and When: Community groups meet in various home locations throughout our area. They are typically evening groups that meet around 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

    Session Length: Each Community Group session lasts 11 weeks. We have Fall, Winter, and spring sessions. Our Community Groups do not meet “formally” from mid-June through August.

    Commitment: Joining a Community Group involves an 11-week commitment to attend weekly house gatherings. Commitment is key to a strong Community Group. We do ask that you commit to one group per session. In any one session, anyone can have a “double dip” week, where you go to more than one community group, but we ask that you call one group your home for that time frame.

  • Current Groups

    Small groups are on break for the summer months. If you want to join a group, please fill out the form below!